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Search (books / online resources)

Books: Four Ways
Books and only books...
3 tabs to check:
• Basic Search: by title, author, etc
• Power Search: by keywords and other criteria
Visual search: by genre/category (e.g, Fiction--Mystery, History: Military, Science: Earth & Enviro)
• Feature: Books plus links--"Collections," a work in progress...
Eventually, Collections will include web links and more.
• Feature: Books, plus a little social--click on any book title & scroll for member reviews & recommendations
• Try "Tags" feature to see what's available in various subject areas (compare with "Visual Search" in Destiny)
Or, browse "Sections" (at right) to
• Get "eyes-on": what's available in various genres/subject areas + maps of where the sections actually are
• Plus introductory info about each genre
...or, for online resources about books:
Simple book recommenders: BookSeer  |  What Should I Read Next?
Plus, if you like things IN ORDER!--a no-nonsense site to help you find series' Order of Books
Online Resources: One -> Five | Curated Resources | Encyclopedia | E-books
(If you get a Follett error message, use THIS link, then click "Power" tab)
Look near bottom of page and make sure "Include Online Resources" is checked.
There are FIVE sources, and you can specify how many you want to search at once:
*Gale Student Resources in Context
*ProQuest Research Library
*SIRS Discoverer
*SIRS Discoverer Webfind 
*SIRS Issues Researcher
• Enter your search term(s) / keywords
• Hit blue "Search" button
• On results page, click on "Get Results" to see the rest of the hits--from however many sources you chose.
• Use "Show" button to see hits and "Hide" button to see results page
Curated Online Resources: ProQuest ELibrary
General Categories:
• Trending Topics
• Editors' Picks
• Common Assignments (Famous People, Controversial Issues, Countries, and more)
• Subjects (Performing/Visual Arts, History, Science/Math, English/Language Arts, Sports/Health, Social/Political Science) 
Each resource will have:
• Some kind of background / context (history, origin, quick bio)
• A gallery of relevant pictures
• Relevant, well-vetted links to take you deeper into the subject (good biographies, info sources on current focus, future trends)
...a good way to quickly get smart on a wide variety of topics
Examples from "Common Assignments":
Aaron Burr to Zora Neale Hurston (Famous People),
Animal Testing to War on Terror (Controversial Topics),
Boston Massacre to Zoot Suit Riots (Historical Events),
Countries of the World,
Alternative Energy to Whaling (Environmental Issues)
E-books (from ProQuest): free to read online; try "Browse Subjects"