GGHS HIGHLIGHTS!!! GGHS Exceeded State averages on the 2017 ELA Standardized Testing results for students who “Met” or “Exceeded” Target scores: All students 13% greater, Hispanic students 8% greater, Asian students 6% greater, English Learners 13% greater, Economically Disadvantaged students 19% greater, Special Education students 3% greater. GGHS Exceeded State averages on the Math Standardized Testing results for students who “Met” or “Exceeded” Target scores: All students 9% greater, English Learners 6% greater, Economically Disadvantaged students 15% greater. GGHS has 14 National AP Scholars with 4’s or higher on all AP tests taken and scores of 4 or 5 on eight or more AP Exams. GGHS offers 58 sections of Advanced Placement Classes with 1,458 students served. -1,383 AP Exams taken during the 2016-17 school year; 73% pass rate (compared to a 62% State average). GGHS is one of eight Orange County schools offering the prestigious AP Seminar and AP Capstone Classes. GGHS had 87 All-League and 7 All CIF Athletes from the 2016-17 school-year. GGHS scholars earned $1,980,000 in Merit Scholarships and Grants by the Class of 2017. GGHS attained a 95.9% Graduation rate for the Class of 2017. GGHS offers a nationally recognized four-year Latin program and four-year Vietnamese language program which served as a model for the county.  GGHS recognized and awarded 82 Seal of Biliteracy students from the Class of 2017. GGHS offers culturally relevant and highly sought after course offerings such as Mexican American Literature, Mexican American History, and Vietnamese American History. GGHS is home of the Michael Monsoor Stadium: new state-of-the arts Sports Facility.

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Summer Assignments 2017




Instructors:  Ms. Lazarony, Ms. Cardoza, Ms. DosSantos, Ms. Norton




There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. 

--Ray Bradbury 


Summer Assignment  

The Glass Menagerie  by Tennessee Williams

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd 


To DO:  


  • Read the novel and the play, NOT ONLINE SOURCES  ABOUT  THEM!   


  • Literary Analysis Handouts for both novels (see files below, right under "Due Dates."  They are in Word format.)   


  • Note:  There are three pages to fill out for each novel.  There are "help" sheets with examples and extra ideas also on website, so check them out.  You may ONLY handwrite the answers—no typed answers accepted. Do NOT use information found on Sparknotes or other online sources to complete data sheets.  You will be graded on the originality of your answers. 


  • Please, please, please do not try and read all of the novels once school has started.  Start early!  The first exam and an essay will be on the summer reading.


  • There will be no annotations due. 


Due Dates:  Literary Analysis Handouts for The Glass Menagerie are due Friday, September 8 and for The Secret Life of Bees Friday, September 15.   

Directions (including Google Classroom code), Readings, Questions:  Word format | PDF format 



There is no specific Summer Assignment, but it is highly recommended that you sharpen your typing skills. All we do is code, and you have to type all of that manually.  No cool software does that magically for you.  Beyond just knowing how to type letters, make yourself familiar with a few special characters like:

{ } [ ] ( ) - + = | * %

Other than that, get out and enjoy your summer. Don't be the kind of computer scientist that just sits inside and codes all the time...





Summer Assignment 2017 MANDATORY ASSIGNMENT


Congratulations. You have decided to push yourself and take AP Language and Composition. Below you will see the summer reading for the 2016 school year. 


Book: The Elements of Style, 4th edition or later  William Strunk and E.B. White


Directions:  You need to obtain a copy of the book; the best way is to find a used copy on the Internet ( or have dozens of copies for dirt cheap.). I would also suggest your local library or getting a copy from last year's AP students.


  1.        Read the book and outline all chapters with the exception of "Misused Words and Expressions" and "Glossary."  Use headings, indentation, bullet points, etc. to make your outline reader friendly. Note:  You are still responsible for reading ALL parts of the book.
  2.        Hand write this outline and bring it to school, along with the book, on the first Monday of the school year.
  3.        There is a 50-question exam that goes along with this book.
  4.        Do not copy another student's work.


Book: Seabiscuit An American Legend By Laura Hillenbrand

Writing will be typed and double-spaced for this project! Use either Arial or Times Roman and 12 point in size. This is a formal assignment; use formal language – not slang! You will submit through Google Docs, which will also be ran through Plagiarism from online sources and each other’s work will be located easily.


Directions: Divide either Seabiscuit into five equal sections (as equal as you can). Read through each section and write down information according to the instructions for each section.


Part One: Label each of your five sections and then describe your reactions to each of the five sections. Do not give a summary of the plot. Tell which parts of the story were particularly surprising or interesting to you. (Each section 1⁄2 page typed)


Part Two: Select one important quote from each of the five sections of the book. Write a paragraph explaining the context in which the quote is given and why it is important to the book. Give the page number on which the quote is found. (1/2 page typed for quote and explanation)


Part Three: Choose one character from the choice novel. Look for five of the six ways that a writer reveals the personality of each character. Write the name of the character, the passage, and page number. Find one example from each of the five sections. Do not duplicate the use of a section. (So, if you find an example of the character’s actions in section one, then section one cannot be used for the other four examples.) (Character – 1⁄2 page typed)


Part Four: Identify a choice made by the protagonist (main character) and the consequence for the choice. (Choice – 1⁄2 page typed)


** Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero. Please know that if you can find information online about your book, I can, too. It is very easy for me to spot plagiarism. Do your own work!!!







“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”

                                                               ---Italo Calvino

Instructors:  Ms. Cardoza-Starnes and Ms. Lazarony

Email: or

Summer Reading Assignment will be posted on Garden Grove High School website if you lose this paper.

Students should obtain their own copies of all plays/novels.  Do remember that libraries have copies of all of the following; however, we encourage all of you to have your own copies for you to annotate, underline, and study each text.  You will be tested on all of these texts, and will need them for a final test in May and to get textual evidence for your final film.  (We do have copies of Hamlet in your textbook if you wish to annotate with sticky notes.)  However, we do recommend a Hamlet that has the modern translation on the other side. This will make you happy! All can be found in used bookstores.  On, in the “used book” section, you may find these books for as cheap as a dollar plus shipping. There are also students from years past who may have some of these books.  Beg, borrow, but don't steal!

Summer Assignment 

  •     Novels!  Read the novels!  NOT ONLINE SOURCES ABOUT THE NOVELS!  


  •     AP Data Sheets for both novels (see files under Summer Assignments on the website)  Note:  There are five pages to fill out.  There are "help" sheets with examples and extra ideas.  You must handwrite the answers. Do NOT use information found on Sparknotes or other online sources.  You will be graded on the originality of your answers!


  •     Annotate the following sections, with detailed, critical, analytical annotations. (See handout for help.)  You may write in the book or use sticky notes.  Because you are not annotating the complete novel, as in years past, we expect very detailed annotations. Choose your sections carefully, sections that have lots of symbols, poetic devices, weird things happening, diction choices, and details.  Please put a sticky note on the sections annotated for grading purposes.


            The Book Thief:  Annotate the following:

    • The first 29 pages
    • Choose 12 "chapters" (in this text, the chapters are short--2-3 pages, typically)

            One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest:  Annotate the following

  •      The first 5 chapters (1-5)
  •      All the ODD numbered chapters in the middle
  •      The last five chapters (25-29)

*In this novel the chapters are not numbered, so go through the chapters and number the chapters 1-29

***ALSO: Check the Summer Bridge flier/announcement in the file section below for a special opportunity August 7-10***

Visit Mr Lunow's AP Human Geography website for directions and files to download.
Visit Mrs Bartolotti's AP Psychology website for files to download.
Visit Mr Lunow/Mr Morris' AP World website for directions and file downloads (see "File Catalog")