GGHS has been awarded recent academic honors as a 2016 California Honor Roll school. Schools earn this recognition for high student achievement and student success, reduction in achievement gaps, and high college readiness in students. This is issued by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business Education Excellence (CBEE), a national coalition of business and education leaders. The California student performance report is available and GGHS is doing great!!! We are at the top of the scale for school safety (Suspension Data), graduation rates, and academic progress for English Learners. The webpage can be accessed at:

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GGHS Modernization



The modernization of GGUSD schools, made possible by voter-approved Measure A, is the largest such project in Orange County history. We want to thank our parents, employees, students, and the community for their continued support.


At GGHS Modernization projects are ongoing and will deliver 21st-century classrooms and leading-edge technology for our Argo family!


Complete makeovers to the school include access for the disabled, perimeter fencing and gates, completely reengineered drainage systems, new restrooms, new roofs, and classroom paint, fire suppression and security systems. New data and electrical infrastructure has been added in which every classroom has a state of the art interactive projector and an infrastructure for wireless classrooms computers so that every student has access to a computer during class. The most efficient systems for classroom heat and air conditioning, windows, insulation, ceiling material, and smart LED lighting systems draws a fraction of the power that our older systems did and greatly reduces our power consumption.


The timeline for work is:


PHASE 1: (12/19/2014 to 6/19/2015): B1-B16

PHASE 2: (6/19/2015 to 8/21/2015): Admin, Guidance, Cafeteria, B5, B17, B18, C6, C7, D11, D12, D13, D15, N Gym, E Parking; C14-21; C8, C1, C2, C3

PHASE 3: (8/21/2015 to 12/18/2015): C4, C5; C9-C13; Maintenance; D1- D10

PHASE 4: (12/18/2015 to 6/17/2016): E1-E21

PHASE 5: (6/17/2016 to 8/19/2016): Library Media Center, Bookstore, South Gym, West Parking, M 1-3, Y1-8; M Hardscape; Drainage from the Stadium

*PHASE 6: (8/19/2016 to 8/11/2017): Don Wash Auditorium & Michael Monsoor Memorial Stadium**


**NOTE: Because of stadium construction, this year's graduation ceremony will be held at Bolsa Grande Stadium (at 9401 Westminster Ave) on Tuesday, June 20 at 1:30pm.