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Fiction Sections--overview

Overview page--explain/diagram/pics library layout (to come)
[Something like this--from another librarian:]
"'Where are your scary books?'

'Do you have any books like The Fault in Our Stars?'

'Where are all the mythology books?'

After many years as a school librarian, I have been witness to many, many students rushing into the library asking these questions. Bearing library passes with precious few minutes before they must return to class, students often do not have time to mull around or search the catalog to figure out what books to get. They may not have a specific author or title in mind, but almost every student who comes in knows what type of book (genre) he or she wants.  

For nonfiction books, the Dewey Decimal system accounts for genre naturally. 796 is sports. 741.5 is Manga. 940 is European history. But fiction sections, by far the most popular section in the school library, are traditionally organized alphabetically by the author's last name. And while I'm sure it's happened, I can't think of one time a student has rushed in, asking me where all the books by so-and-so author are located. The fact is, the kids don't usually know or care who the author is. They just want a paranormal romance before the bell rings."