GGHS has been awarded recent academic honors as a 2016 California Honor Roll school. Schools earn this recognition for high student achievement and student success, reduction in achievement gaps, and high college readiness in students. This is issued by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business Education Excellence (CBEE), a national coalition of business and education leaders. The California student performance report is available and GGHS is doing great!!! We are at the top of the scale for school safety (Suspension Data), graduation rates, and academic progress for English Learners. The webpage can be accessed at:

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Tutoring info

Argo Student Study Center--starts Wed 10/26.
Time: M-Th, 3-4pm
Place: LMC (main table area)
Setup: Each day, there will be two areas set up for tutoring: General Tutoring and Subject-specific Tutoring (each day will be designated for a specific subject):
General Tutoring Area
Specified Tutoring Area
3PM – 4PM
Ms. Trinidad
Ms. Reed (Biology/SE)
3PM – 4PM
Mr. Wolf
Ms. Martin (Spanish)
3PM – 4PM
Mr. Yost
Mr. Wallace (History)
3PM – 4PM
Ms. Beardslee
Ms. Trinh (Math/Vietnamese)
Procedures: 1) Sign in using the Google Form provided on the laptops near the entrance
 2) School rules are in effect: Be on time, be on task, and respect each other  
*Students who attend multiple sessions may receive incentives and rewards for their effort and progress!