Upcoming Football Events

  • Thursday Oct 2
  • Fresh Football vs. Universtiy
    3:00 pm GGHS

    Location: GGHS
  • Friday Oct 3
  • JV Football @ University
    3:00 pm University High School

    Location: University High School
  • Thursday Oct 9
  • Varsity Football vs. Rancho
    7:00 pm GGHS

    Location: GGHS
  • Friday Oct 10
  • Fresh Football vs. Rancho
    3:00 pm GGHS

    Location: GGHS
  • JV Football @ Rancho
    3:00 pm Rancho HS

    Location: Rancho HS
  • Thursday Oct 16
  • Fresh Footbal vs. Bolsa
    3:00 pm GGHS

    Location: GGHS
  • JV Football @ Bolsa
    3:00 pm Bolsa

    Location: Bolsa
  • Friday Oct 17
  • Varsity Football vs. Bolsa
    7:00 pm GGHS

    Location: GGHS
  • Thursday Oct 23
  • Varsity Football vs. La Quinta
    7:00 pm GGHS

    Location: GGHS

Athlete Profiles

Angel Martinez



What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? Why?

I ate a bad super-pretzel when I was a kid and now I can never look at one without gagging.


Have you ever played a sport?

I ran cross-country ad track in high school. I love watching basketball. I love playing football.


Out of everything, what is one accomplishment that you are most proud of? Why?

My master in theological studies led to me being ordained. To be able to share my faith in the most important thing I can ever do.


What would you do if you had a time machine? Why?

Go back three years and save a relationship because 16 years is too much to throw away.


What does "success" mean to you? "Failure"?

Success is completing a task where the participant is a much better person once the outcome has been searched. Failure is never learning from one's mistakes.


What does teamwork mean to you?

Teamwork is cooperation among all members in order to attain one common goal.


Who is your role model in life? Why?

Derek Fisher because he was willing to put his family's needs above his own athletic achievements.


What do you do for fun?

That is currently being reevluated. Fun became "work" to me. I need to separate the two for my own benefit.


What would make GGHS a better place?

GGHS is already an amazing place. It's amazing how we have all managed to excel despite major budget cuts. With more money, teachers would be able to enrich their lessons for students so much more.


If you could go any where in the world where would it be? Why?

Vietname but I'm probably blacklisted for protesting against their human rights violation. That is where my father's ashes are laid to rest.


Would you rather be a hero or a villain? Why?

Hero. There's too much hurt in the world already. It's time to start healing it.


If you could change places for a day with someone, who would it be?

Whoever is dating my ex...


What do you like the most about being an Argo?

Being part of a school where everyone gets along no matter their race, gender, or anything else.


What was the last embarrassing moment you've had? Why?

The many times that students have taken an innocent lesson and turned it into a double entendre.


What is your greatest talent?

I love to sing. It frees the soul and warms others' hearts.


What would you buy with 1 million dollars? Why?

After tithing to my church and paying my ortgage, I'd start a scholarship fund.


What college did you go to? Did you like it? Why?

UC San Diego. I loved it. I went in as a boy but left as a man. I found my vioce and never let anyone pick on me ever again.

#1 Alday, Marco
#2 Alonzo, Matthew
#3 Bantleon, Carlos
#4 Barela, Adrian
#5 Bedard, Zach
#6 Bettoncourt, Chris
#7 Chu, Daniel
#8 Coleman, Brandon
#9 Delgado, Joseph
#10 Driscoll, Joseph
#11 Elizalda, Clemente
#12 Farias, Riley
#13 Figueroa, Issac
#14 Franco, Brandon
#15 Frias, Eduardo
#16 Gallegos, Jonathan
#17 Gauta, Peselao
#18 Gonzales, Ray
#19 Gutierrez, Andrew
#20 Guitierrez, Favio
#21 Hauzer, Axel
#22 Hernandez, Alexander
#23 Hong, David
#24 Landaverde, Emmanuel
#25 Landin, Ricky
#26 Limon, Israel
#27 Lopez, Javier
#28 Maciel, David
#29 Marquez, Christian
#30 Marquez, Benjamin
#31 Mazza, Jalen
#32 Menier-Ruiz, Christian
#33 Monroe, Mishaun
#34 Mottle, Wesley
#35 Nassar, Anthony
#36 Nguyen, Andrew
#37 Nguyen, Khang
#38 Nguyen, Timmy
#39 Ortega, Luis
#40 Ownby, James
#41 Padilla, Samual
#42 Phung, David
#43 Pichardo, Francisco
#44 Reyes, Adrian
#45 Rico, Joshua
#46 Rodarte, Seth
#47 Saldivar, David
#48 Sanchez, Andy
#49 Sanchez, Dominik
#50 Sanchez, Keith
#51 Sepeda, Jonathan
#52 Solis, Cesar
#53 Soliz, Jonathan
#54 Taufete, TJ
#55 Tran, Nathan
#56 Valdez, Andrew
#57 Wilson, Hunter


Schedule & Results

Hey Argonauts. Come to our big CIF game this Friday against Orange. It's going to big, it's going to be awesome. So come on friday at 7:30 and cheer cheer cheer!



1 Josh Alarcon 
2 Christian Alverez
3 Jacob Alverez
4 Alex Alzaga
5 Jordan Antunez
6 Daniel Avila
7 Matthew Avila
8 Rey Avriaga
9 Chris Barrett
10 Malik Bilal
11 Anthony Breceda
12 Wifred Calderon
13 Michael Centeno
14 Jamie Cervantes
15 Joshua Conley
16 Nhan Doan
17 nicholas Dodson
18 John Duong
19 Scott Flores
20 Peretra Franco Gean
21 Isaiah Frazier
22 Andrew Garcia
23 David Garcia
24 Garcia Nathan
25 Arnold Garcilazo
26  Jonathan Gonzalez Maxet
27 Angel Granados
28  Andy Guevera
29 Issac Hernandez
30 Trevor Hesla
31 Eduardo Jimenez
32 Mikel Lassalle
33 Gabe Martinez
34  Silvestre Mendoza
35 Christian Messick
36 Armando Millan



37 Joseph Millan
38  Thomas Motuga 
39  Kevin Nguyen
40 Max Olguin
41  Daniel Orellana
42 Jesse Ortiz
43 Juan Ossa
44  Charlie Pardos
45 Josh Parker
46  Oscar Pastrana
47 Derek Petrutis 
48 Jacob Pine
49 Fabian Ramos
50 Isaac Rios 
51 Anthony Rivas
52 Vincent Tapia


Season: Fall (August - November)

Head Coach: Ricardo Cepeda (rcepeda@ggusd.us)

Contact Coach Cepeda or the Athletic Office (714-663-6173) for more information.

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