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Facility / equipment

    Open 6:45-3:00, M-F
    [Check Tutoring page for options there]
|||| The Big Room



The wooden tables are available for                             students to work at...



 ...before school from 6:45-7:55am and briefly after school, from 2:42-3pm.


...but occasionally the table area will be closed for testing, meetings, or presentations.  
(See examples in gallery at right ----------->)
We appreciate your flexibility, Argos!

||| Tools: Choose them wisely; use them well...

3 Macs here are good for MS Office (Word, PowerPoint) and PDFs, plus they have the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, etc.)


30 desktops (20 Dells, 10 ChromeDesks), +1 laptop are good for Google stuff (Docs, Slides, Classroom)


You need to print sometimes, so treat the 4 printers well and they will come through for you. That means:


Print your slideshows as handouts, not full-page slides with black backgrounds (OMG, no!). If YDK, ask how to do it.


Print your pictures at reasonable size, not full-page! (Again, OMGN!) If YDK, ask how to do it.



* Lunch time is all about printing--getting that essay or worksheet printed--or another quick use of the computers.  Get on, get your task done quickly, get off and make way for another Argo--that's lunch in the ArgoLib. 
|| Other tools

ID Cards  Copies (1-2 pages max)
  • The first one is free.
  • If you lose it, pay $7 at Bookstore then bring receipt to library to get a new one printed.
  • If you upgrade to a lunch card (seniors only; contact Attendance Office) or SuperArgo card, we print those, too.
  • As you can see, we don't have a heavy-duty machine here, so... 
  • Typical jobs: copy of ID card or driver's license, copy of a form, acceptance letter(!), etc.
The Conference Room
It might not seem like a "tool," but it can be very handy for small gatherings where
privacy and focus are needed--club meetings & interviews, focused
study sessions, and of course more official business like conferences and counseling sessions.
See Mr Hume to reserve.