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Books: Four Ways
Books and only books...
3 tabs to check:
• Basic Search: by title, author, etc
• Power Search: by keywords and other criteria
Visual search: by genre/category (e.g, Fiction--Mystery, History: Military, Science: Earth & Enviro)
• Feature: Books plus links--"Collections," a work in progress...
Eventually, Collections will include web links and more.
• Feature: Books, plus a little social--click on any book title & scroll for member reviews & recommendations
• Try "Tags" feature to see what's available in various subject areas (compare with "Visual Search" in Destiny)
Or, browse "Sections" (at right) to
• Get "eyes-on": what's available in various genres/subject areas + maps of where the sections actually are
• Plus introductory info about each genre
Simple book recommenders: BookSeer  |  What Should I Read Next?
Plus, if you like things in order(!)--a no-nonsense site to help you find series' Order of Books
EBSCOhost resources
Advanced Placement Source (scholarly journals)
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California K-12 Digital Resources (from California State Library)

Online content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, ProQuest research databases, and are available — at school, at home, in libraries, on laptops, on phones — to all.

These three databases are provided for all California students from the California State Library.

Off-campus access to these resources:
Username (text right after colon is in white; click and drag to select, then copy it):ZX9CRAF94A
Password (text right after colon is in white; click and drag to select, then copy it):!~DY9cXQ

ProQuest (Grades 3-12)

CultureGrams SIRS Discover SIRS Issues Researcher elibrary Guided Research Edition elibrary Database Edition ProQuest Central Student

ProQuest Research Companion Schools and Educators Complete


  • CultureGrams - Concise social, cultural, and political information on countries, U.S. states, and provinces around the world. (Grades 3-12)

  • SIRS Discoverer - A general reference database providing safe, reliable, curriculum-aligned content and features for use by students and educators. (Grades 3-9)

  • SIRS Issues Researcher - Pros and cons on 360+ (and growing) complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story on the major questions of the day. (Grades 6+)

  • eLibrary - Guided Research edition delivers one of the largest general reference collections of periodical and digital media content including more than 11,000 Research Topics (Grades 6+)

  • eLibrary - Database Edition General reference aggregation of periodical and digital media content with editorial guidance for novice researchers. (Grades 6+)

  • ProQuest Central Student - designed to bring instant results to users across thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, reports, and more. This resource brings together some of ProQuest's most used databases in education, humanities, psychology, science, social sciences, and news. (Grades 9+, IB, AP, College Prep)

  • ProQuest Research Companion - a self-guided product that supports information literacy, writing, and research skills instruction.(Grades 8+)

  • Schools & Educators Complete - eBook subscription database of over 13,000 titles that supports English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Information Literacy and Technology. (Grades 9+, possibly some content for Middle School, also includes professional development content for faculty)

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Encyclopaedia Britannica (PreK-12)

A comprehensive interactive resource for research and learning for grades K-12. Includes correlations to California Content Standards and other valuable teacher resources. Post links directly to each school level, elementary, middle or high.

Elementary  Middle  High Escolar

Need help from Britannica? See our support page. (800) 621-3900 x 7160 | (PreK-12)

One-stop resources for books you are reading and teaching, including author and illustrator interviews, lesson plans, and other enrichment content.



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