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Library Catalog of BOOKS

Books: Four Ways
Books and only books...
3 tabs to check:
• Basic Search: by title, author, etc
• Power Search: by keywords and other criteria
Visual search: by genre/category (e.g, Fiction--Mystery, History: Military, Science: Earth & Enviro)
• Feature: Books plus links--"Collections," a work in progress...
Eventually, Collections will include web links and more.
• Feature: Books, plus a little social--click on any book title & scroll for member reviews & recommendations
• Try "Tags" feature to see what's available in various subject areas (compare with "Visual Search" in Destiny)
Or, browse "Sections" (at right) to
• Get "eyes-on": what's available in various genres/subject areas + maps of where the sections actually are
• Plus introductory info about each genre
Simple book recommenders: BookSeer  |  What Should I Read Next?
Plus, if you like things in order(!)--a no-nonsense site to help you find series' Order of Books