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ArgoLib Home

Housed in a 7200 sq.ft.* facility in the southwest part of campus next to Don Wash Auditorium and Heritage Hall, the Garden Grove High School Library (ArgoLib) serves to support the curriculum and operations of the school.
 (*smaller than Katy Perry's or Justin Bieber's houses)
Hours: 6:45-3:00, M-F
Come on in
  3 main sections of library: 
Counter computers & printer /
Library books /
Study area for QuietPeople™ 
Wooden tables mainly for studying
Plus: computer "row" & printers
Meetings / presentations:
For small/medium-size (25-80) gatherings 

 (Details in the "Facility / Equipment" section)  
Reason for the split setup: GGHS needs a place for large gatherings--for faculty meetings, or for 80 AP testers or community college placement testers--and medium/small gatherings--50 students for an ICC or Bridges meeting, or 25 students for a Guidance unit (see other examples).  And this large room is the sensible place for those things.  Hence, TableLand (wooden tables, pretty much always there) and the Meeting/Presentation Area (with plastic chairs and tables that are easily and often rearranged).
The library area has shifted to the other end of the building--where it can always be open/available, even if there's a meeting going on in the "big room."  We have gathered only the best and most up-to-date books into this smaller area.  It is arranged to be easily browseable, using sections as you'd see in a bookstore (officially known as BISAC Subject Headings).  For more detail, see "Search" and "Sections."  Nearby, the Planetarium Room transforms to the QuietRoom™ before school and at lunch, for individuals to study/chill in peace.
Checking out a book is easy: Take the 1-3 books you've found to Mr. Hume and he'll zap barcode(s) on his phone--also your ID card barcode, assuming you have it.  Checkout period: 3 weeks, plus 1 renewal.  
Modernization: It was our turn in summer 2017!  Now we have air conditioning throughout the building!  Plus new ceiling, lights and windows and carpeting--whoop, whoop!  And new network hardware!  Plus....
...we have ART now:
...thank you to Ms McManus and the rest of the Art Dept for sharing their students' good work and brightening and enlivening ArgoLib's walls!