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Technology » GGHS Department Cart Best Practices

GGHS Department Cart Best Practices

The carts that are available for check-out through John Hume are still available as always:


Most other carts on campus will be managed by departments. It is important to remember these are resources primarily for use by the department, but not strictly the departments’ property. They can still be shared outside the departments, the departments will be responsible for scheduling and movements of the carts.  AS ALWAYS, ALL CARTS ON CAMPUS ARE SUBJECT TO USE BY TESTING (e.g. SBAC, CAST, Benchmarks, etc.)


Cart use best practices:

  • Do not give students combination, or leave the combination displayed on the lock.
  • Have a point person for the carts or a point person for all carts in the department. These persons should have a way of knowing where each cart is each day.
  • Find a fair and equitable way to sign up for carts within the department. (Remember the carts may not be available during testing windows)
  • Keep a record of who has used the carts on which days and which periods. (This should be done easily with whatever scheduling system the department uses)
  • If you schedule a cart and determine it is no longer needed please remove yourself from the schedule.
  • Try to work around each other’s schedules to maximize use.
  • Return cart at the end of the day, with all computers put away correctly and plugged in. Plug in the cart overnight if it is being used the next day.
  • Keep carts locked when not in use and never have students transport an unlocked cart. Be careful especially with Dell Chromebook carts that you are not closing doors on plugs.
  • Keep all computers with the cart and do not split computers among classes (i.e. All computers need to be returned to their cart at the end of the day.)
  • Do not leave carts for subs, with the exception of long term subs, student teachers, and a few exceptions. (Ask Mrs. Brown if unsure which subs are OK)
  • Report issues to CRA’s or Tech Coordinator right away so they might get resolved for next user
  • CRA’s or Tech Coordinator will do a regular check of all carts.
  • Power switches on carts must be off before plugging and unplugging. Failure to do so has blown out power supplies for the carts.
  • Departments or staff that fail to maintain, track or return these assets will lose the ability to use them.