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1Q Bench Mark Cart Schedule 2018-19

Now that almost all core courses are benchmark testing online we need some cart movement. We have done our best to have carts move within their departments or local area. Please use the tables below and check all days of testing to see what cart you will be using, where it is coming from, where it needs to go next, and if it is being used on multiple days. (We have listed the "home" and point person for each cart, but in some cases carts are coming or going to/from somewhere else for testing.)
The first table is a general list of all the carts and their normal point person.  If the information on this first table is incorrect and the point person has changed please let Kevin Voeller know!
Please work together to get carts where they need to go for testing and return them as soon as possible after testing. (Or send it to the next testing location)
If you have any questions about carts or cart movements please let Kevin Voeller know.
If you have questions about testing please let Erika Bernal know.
Thank You!!!
All Cart Names and Point Persons
Depart Cart Name Point Person
AVID Stanford Stoner
AVID Harvard Hathaway
AVID Yale Blackstone
Check Out GOC G.O.
EL (Mac) EL Cart Brown
ELA Dickenson DosSantos
ELA Dr. Suess H. Dinh
ELA Angelou Griffin
ELA Orwel Burcham
ELA Rowling Smith
ELA Fitzgerald Camero
ELA Salinger Melissa
ELA Shakesprear Shelby Laura
ELA Steinbeck Scarpella
ELA Austen Alba
ELA Poe Kalayjian
ELA Silver Cardoza
ELA Platinum Lazarony
ELA Twain Martinez
Hist Taft Jovero
Hist FDR Yost
Hist Jefferson Primeaux
Hist Monroe Voeller, T
Hist Lincoln Cepeda
Hist Adams Lue
Hist JFK Wallace
Hist Madison Lunow
Hist Washington Morris
Hist Grant Jue
Hist Wilson Girard
Math Pi Doan
Math Acute McHatton
Math Sine Lam
Math Division Romero
Math Vector Powell, M
Math Cosine Powell, C
Math Tangent Arteaga
Math Radius Alyssa
Math Factor Chip
Math Logarithm Bui
PE PE/Music Chrissy/Ogren
ROP Cul Arts  
ROP MedTech  
ROP Crime/Just  
Sci Beaker Stapleton
Sci Petri Ross
Sci Bunsen Lynch
Sci Test Tube Vu/Sub
Sci Flask Jason
Sci Metric Holguin
Sci Telescope Voeller, K
Sci Seisomograph Fig
Sci Spectroscope Parent
SPED SPED 2 Takach
WL Aloha Beardslee
WL Guten Tag Martin
WL Caio Nguyen
WL Salve Orozco
WL Hello Cao
WL Annyeong Tran
WL Salam Magdy
WL Chao ban Duran
WL Bonjour Trinidad
WL Hola Whiston
ELA King Cox
ELA Woolf A. Dinh
ELA Doyle J. Lewis
Hist Ford Bartolotti
Hist Carter Haeger
Math Prime Yoshida
ELA and ELD 6/4
Teacher Room Cart Cart Home Teacher Cart Home Room
Alba 313 Austen - -
Penny 214 Orwel - -
Cox 215 GOC GO 301
H. Dinh 112 Suess - -
A. Dinh 222 Metric Holguin 226
Dos Santos 111 Dickenson - -
Griffin 113 Angelou - -
Hathaway 221 Harvard - -
Kalayjian 512 Poe - -
Laura 311 Shakesprear - -
Lazarony 522 Platinum - -
Lewis, J 524 Silver Cardoza 521
Martinez 622 Twain - -
Rivero 224 Salinger - -
Scarpella 312 Steinbeck - -
Smith 216 Rowling - -
Stoner 213 Stanford - -
Gerri 612 Mac - -
Wendolyn 223 Fitz - -
*Takach 114 SPED 2 - -
*Vargas 721 SPED 1 - -
*Tovar 722 Salve Orozco 723
*Gorcoff 115 Aloha Beardslee 118
*New Teacher P26 Factor Machir P20
Science 6/7
Teacher Room Cart Cart Home Teacher Cart Home Room
Ito 335 FDR Yost 333
Parent 343 Test Tube - -
Stapleton 341 GOC GO 301
Ross 342 Flask - -
Lynch 713 Bunsen - -
Fig 712 Beaker - -
Voeller, K 711 Petri Fig 712
Vu 334 Yale Blackstone 331
Luong 225 Salinger Gallagos 224
Holguin 226 Metric - -
*Perry P19 SPED 1 Vargas 721
*Gorcoff 115 Suess Dinh, H 112
*Takach 114 SPED 2 - -
History 6/10
Teacher Room Cart Cart Home Teacher Cart Home Room
Cepeda 616 Lincoln - -
Frank 211 Stanford Stoner 213
Girard 615 Monroe - -
Haeger 523 Platinum Lazarony 522
Jovero 332 Taft - -
Lou P2 Madison Lunow P22
Morris P25 Washington - -
Primeaux 511 Jefferson - -
Voeller, T 611 Adams Jue 624
Wallace 322 JFK - -
Yost 333 FDR - -
*Damone 116 SPED 2 Takach 114
*Tovar 722 SPED 1 Vargas 721
Math 6/12
Teacher Room Cart Cart Home Teacher Cart Home Room
Albert P24 Washington Morris P25
Arteaga P16 Tangent - -
Bui P5 Monroe Girard 615
Cao P4 Hello - -
Lam P10 Sine - -
Machir P20 Factor - -
McHatton P8 Acute - -
Hanson P17 Radius - -
Powell, C P14 Cosine - -
Powell, M P13 Vector - -
Romero P12 Division - -
Trinh P9 GOC GO 301
Stevens LMC Orwel Burchham 214
Yoshida P3 Test Tube Ross/Parent 342/343
Doan 212 Pi - -
*Perry 722 SPED 1 Vargas 721
*Green P19 SPED 2 Takach 114
WL 6/12
1:1 No cart Movement needed