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Fiction sections--overview

"Where are your scary books?"

"Do you have any books like The Fault in Our Stars?"

"Where are all the love stories?"

With just a few minutes before they must get to class, students often do not have time to mull around or search the catalog to figure out what books to get. They may not have a specific author or title in mind, but they usually know what type (or genre) of book they want.
Hence, our organizational scheme--also known as "genre-fication"--where the mass of fiction books are separated into smaller, easier-to-browse sections by type of story or subject. (We also included "Literary Collections," "Manga/Graphic Novels," and "Poetry" under this umbrella, even though they're not strictly fiction.)
Click any of the genres/sub-sections at right to be taken to a page that will:
  • define/explain the genre,
  • ask a question or present a challenge to you about reading in this genre,
  • give you instructions and links so you can see the catalog listings for that genre,
  • show you a map of where these books are and a picture of these books on their shelves,
  • show you a sampling of the covers of the books we have in that genre
In each section, a few works have been selected as "representative" of that fiction genre and would be good to start with--if you can't decide or don't have time to browse.  These "representative works" in fiction have all-red covers to make them easy to spot on the shelf.
Examples of new books--fiction & non-fiction. Click covers for details (...then try  link):