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Summer Assignments

AP Human Geography
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for signing up to take AP HUG next year. I think that you have made a great choice. This class focuses on the world today. We will look at the way people interact with their environment, and how cultures are shaped by the natural world. 

Your summer assignment will be to print out some papers, and get a basic knowledge of a few maps of the world. This is a geography class and you will be expected to have a basic knowledge of the world. You will also need a three ring binder for this class. Before we meet again in September please complete the following;

1.  Print out all the papers that are attached (see file list below), including the syllabus that you need to get signed. You can print them out individually on one side of a page, or you can print them out back-to-back. 

2.  Please study the maps that you print out. You should label each one of the continent maps. You will notice that on each of the continent maps there is a list of twelve countries that you should be able to locate and label. Make sure that you know where those countries are. In addition to knowing the important 12 countries on each map, you should also study the Basic Background Knowledge List (these are the important cities, mountains, and rivers). Label that map in the packet and make sure that you are familiar with it. There will be a test on the maps when we get back to school!

3.  Thirdly, get a three ring binder with separators. We will use this to keep all your assignments this year.

Finally, have a great summer, relax, and if you want to get a head start on the class please think about watching the National Geographic documentary, Guns, Germs, and Steel (available at libraries, amazon.com, or youtube). This is an optional assignment, but one I recommend. 

See you all in August,
Mr. Lunow


AP World History


Hi everyone,


I hope that you are enjoying your summer vacation. I am excited to get started with you all in AP World History next fall. While we will not have any textbook work for the summer assignment, you need to complete a couple of things before we meet.


1.  Print out the document packets below. The first is the syllabus. Please read through it with your parent/guardian, and then sign it. Bring it with you on the first day of school.


2.  Print out the Introduction packet and work on the maps. You should be expected to know the location of certain basic geographical features (oceans, mountains, seas, etc.) that have some historical significance. You also need to familiarize yourself with some important cities in the world. Knowing where places are will help you be successful this coming year.


3.  You will also need to complete the maps of the continents. Included on each map is a list of 12 countries that you need to be able to locate. Please label your maps and memorize the 12 countries that you need to know.


4.  When we get back to school you will have map tests on the 12 listed countries from each map and also the Valuable Map Information. Knowing this basic geography will make studying AP World History a lot easier.


5.  Finally, please get a three ring binder with at least 10 dividers. You will be using this to keep and organize you work this year.


6.  If you have time during the summer, feel free to watch as many historical movies or documentaries as you can. They will help you prepare for the class. This is optional.


Thanks everyone,

Mr. Lunow