Thank you GGHS Alumni Association!!! Including the 2018 grads,  the GGHS Alumni Association has now awarded a total of $47,250 in scholarships, beginning with the Class of 1998.  $17,000 of that amount has been awarded in the last five years to the Classes of 2014 through 2018. MORE AWARDS: Garden Grove High School has been named an Honor Roll school for the 2017-2018 California Honor Roll presented by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE)! This is awarded to schools that demonstrate consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement over time, and reduction in achievement gaps, and high college readiness in students. MORE AWARDS: GGHS has been recognized as a Silver Medal School by U.S. News. For details please see

Garden Grove High School est. 1921
Pride, Performance, and the Pursuit of Excellence

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Attention Students: Take advantage of summer programs!
  Check here for some great opportunities for high school students, offered by various colleges and organizations in summer 2018!  Applications are open!
Gallery of College-bound Argos from Class of 2018!  (Where this year's seniors are going...)
Matriculation List and Chart for Class of 2017 (Where last year's seniors went to college)  
Links to assist with college and career plans:  
  College Board     
    Online SAT registration, AP testing info, college search, applying to colleges on-line, and PROFILE application for some private schools that require this form.​
  University of California (Office of the President​)  
    Website for the entire UC system with links to all nine campuses and PATHWAYS, the online application site
    The UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program offers qualified California Community College students guaranteed admission to one of the six participating UC campuses. At some campuses this may include early review of your academic records, early admission notification, and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework.
  California State Colleges    
    All 23 campuses can be reached from this site. Student planner, college match, financial aid, and online applications are available.
    "A Degree With A Guarantee," the new joint transfer program from the California Community Colleges and the California State Universities makes it easier for students like you to transfer between the two school systems. For the first time in California history, community college students who complete a new AA-T or AS-T will be guaranteed admission to the California State University (CSU) system. With this new degree, you have the opportunity to complete two degrees with only 120 units if you apply and are admitted into a similar degree program.
  Local Community Colleges:    
    Contains information on all colleges located in California including community colleges, Cal State universities, University of California, and private colleges. Access to college matching, a student calendar, college applications, and financial aid are available. Personal information input in this site will automatically be transferred to college applications and FASFA. Ask your counselor for assistance.
 Specialty Links:    
  CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP)    
Gives high school students (juniors) an early signal about their college readiness and adequate time to prepare before entering CSU
  NCAA Clearinghouse​    
    Allows athletes to register for the NCAA clearinghouse in order to determine eligibility to play and enroll at the college level.​
    An online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another.​
  National College Fairs    
    Free and open to the public, NACAC fairs connect you with hundreds of colleges and universities in one location
  Financial Aid Links    
    Mach25: scholarship finder, keyword-based or profile-based, a social networking forum which awards weekly scholarships and quarterly grand prize scholarships totaling up to $100,000
     Free Application for Federal Student Aid  
    Scholarship search engine  
    A "comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools"