Welcome back Argos! Our Modernization project is now complete with the opening of the Don Wash Auditorium and the Michael Monsoor Stadium. Have a fantastic school year!

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A-G Requirements

A-G Requirements 

A. History / Social Science - 2 Years (3 Recommended)

World History

US History


B. English / Language Arts - 4 Years

1P or HP

2P or HP

3P, HP, AP

4P or AP


C. Mathematics - 3 Years (4 Recommended)



Algebra 2

(Other Advanced Math Courses In Sequence)


D. Science - 2 Years (3 Recommended)


Chemistry (Physical Science for CSU)

Physics (Physical Science for CSU)


E. Language Other Than English - 2 Years (3 Recommended)

Spanish 1, 2 [3, 4AP]

Latin 1, 2 [3, 4]

Vietnamese 1, 2 [3, 4]

[Must be the same language.]
F. Fine Arts - 1 Year




Video, Graphics, Web Design

G. Electives - 1 Year

Civics And Economics also required for high school Graduation

Advanced level studies in any of the above areas