GGHS has been awarded recent academic honors as a 2016 California Honor Roll school. Schools earn this recognition for high student achievement and student success, reduction in achievement gaps, and high college readiness in students. This is issued by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business Education Excellence (CBEE), a national coalition of business and education leaders. The California student performance report is available and GGHS is doing great!!! We are at the top of the scale for school safety (Suspension Data), graduation rates, and academic progress for English Learners. The webpage can be accessed at:

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What is WASC
WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is the accrediting body that confirms that our program here at GGHS meets the requirements for Colleges and Universities in the US. Without accreditation, colleges and universities will not accept our transcripts and our students will not be eligible for post-secondary scholarships or acceptance to colleges or universities.
The WASC process is a 6 year cycle, and includes a Self-Study Report, a four-day visit by an team from WASC, and usually some kind of a progress report during the 6 years. But the length of time until our next major visit depends on the term recommended by the visiting committee. Our next major visit will be in the Spring of 2017-18, but 206-17 will be the year we have to write our self study report. This is a campus wide, year-and-a-half long project and the more school-wide our process is, the greater our chances of a long term recommendation.
The self study is not to be a top down process, and most of the leadership team and all the focus group leaders are teachers not administrators. All members of the staff must participate in the WASC process, but you can also volunteer and provide more help, and the more help we have the easier and better the process will be.


Self Study Outcomes:

Involvement and collaboration

Clarification and measurement of schoolwide learner outcomes and academic standards

Data analysis Program assessment and its impact on student learning

Long-range action plan aligned to school’s areas of need


What the Visiting Committee will look at:

Involvement and collaboration

School’s purpose

Assessment and data analysis

Progress of students in standards and ESLR’s

Action Plan alignment to school needs

Capacity to carry out Action Plan

Use of prior accreditation findings



*Fall 2015 - Setup focus groups (FG) and leadership team

*Spring 2016 – Review Action Plan (Leadership)

*Spring 2016 – Review action Plan and ESLR’s (FG)

*Spring 2016 – Update School Profile (Leadership)

2016 – 2017 – Write the self-study report draft Chpt. 4 (All)

Fall 2017 – Update Action Plan (Leadership→FG)

Fall 2017 – Finalize Self Study(FG→Leadership)

Spring 2018 – WASC Visit