GGHS has been awarded recent academic honors as a 2016 California Honor Roll school. Schools earn this recognition for high student achievement and student success, reduction in achievement gaps, and high college readiness in students. This is issued by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business Education Excellence (CBEE), a national coalition of business and education leaders. The California student performance report is available and GGHS is doing great!!! We are at the top of the scale for school safety (Suspension Data), graduation rates, and academic progress for English Learners. The webpage can be accessed at:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I report an absence?  
Short answer: Call Attendance Office: 714-663-6144, 6:45am-4pm.  For more details, link to Attendance Policy/procedures page
  • When are Late Start days?
Late Start/Teacher Collaboration days occur on Wednesdays throughout the year: Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov. 30, Dec 14, Jan 11, Jan 25, Feb 8, Feb 22, Mar 8, Mar 22, Apr 5, Apr 19, Jun 7.  On these days, Zero Period starts at 8:35am and 1st Period starts at 9:24am.  Please plan accordingly.
  • If my child needs extra help, is tutoring available?
YES, Mon-Thurs from 3-4pm in Library Media Center (LMC).  For more details, link to this page
  • What are the current Internet Safety issues that parents should be aware of?
OGLE: The "OGLE" app allows users to post comments, pictures and videos completely anonymously.  The app is actually organized into pages by school site when students make anonymous posts about classmates, teachers, and other school staff. Although GGHS HAS NOT BEEN INVOLVED IN ANY INCIDENTS, other schools in Orange County are reporting posts that depict bullying and that contain pornographic images of children. There are only negative consequences to its use for students, families, and the school. GGHS encourages parents to have a conversation with your student about the appropriate use of technology and the negative consequences (both short and long term) for our students. 

A news report on the app can be found at:
  • During Modernization is there additional parking--especially on days where the Don Wash Auditorium is being used and there are buses on Stanford Ave. and 7th St.?
YES: We have an agreement with the First Baptist Church of Garden Grove (on Euclid and Stanford). Please refer to the map on this page for the traffic flow through the parking and and for the available additional parking spaces.
     For more details on parking and an expanded picture/map, click here.