Back to School Night!

The portion from 5:30pm-5:55pm will take place in the center of the quad and will feature various student performances including band, cheer, and choir. At 6:00pm, you will have the opportunity to attend your child’s classes. You’ll start with 1st period (or Zero period if they have it) and proceed to each of the six classes in order. A schedule of the times for each class is attached. It would be helpful if you were able to copy or take a picture of your child’s schedule of classes but we will be able to provide you one if you cannot.


The purpose of the evening is for you to get an understanding of what your child will be learning throughout the year and what is expected of them. Because the teachers will be addressing all parents of a class, it is not possible for them to give you individualized student information, but always be aware that we can accommodate conferences if you request one. 


We are excited to be able to do Back To School Night in person but please be advised that all students/parents/staff must wear a mask while indoors.


Please let me know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!




Todd Nirk



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