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Counseling Office Announcements

Hey there ARGO VILLAGE!  The counseling office just completed Freshman Introductions and we are already moving on to our Senior Counseling Lessons which will be followed by individual Senior Conferences.  If you missed Day 1 of our Senior Counseling presentation you can view the slides below to see what was discussed.  Day 2 of our Senior Counseling presentations will take place in October.  We want to make sure our Seniors are on track for graduation and you have the information needed to get you prepared for college and beyond.  Stay tuned and check back for updates.  College Boost Mentors will be available soon to help with college questions you may have too!
Seniors! All throughout the month of October & November, GGHS Counselors & College Boost will be available to provide support and guidance with the college application process.  Please stop by the COLLEGE & CAREER CENTER in Room 301 to get your questions answered!  Hope to see you there!