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Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)



21st Century Communicators who 

  • Express thoughts and ideas using academic language through writing and speech in both formal and informal settings.
  • Use technology as an informational source and communicate through various digital mediums.  
  • Understand and respect online ownership rights, privacy and security concerns, and digital footprints.

Global Citizens who

  • Respect people with different belief systems, cultures, and abilities. 
  • Participate in civic and campus affairs in an informed, thoughtful, and effective manner. 
  • Practice environmental responsibility. 

Innovative Thinkers who

  • Read, analyze, and evaluate a variety of texts and other source materials. 
  • Make decisions using high level thinking skills, logic, and evidence.
  • Collaborate with groups and other individuals to creatively solve problems.

Life-Long Learners who 

  • Possess personal goals for academics, career, family and community life. 
  • Demonstrate skills in resolving conflicts through the use of restorative practices and open non-violent communication.
  • Demonstrate study skills and work habits that include consistent attendance, punctuality, organization, reliability, self discipline, and effective time management.