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21/22 YR: Next Year Enrollment Info

Let's check your home address to confirm it is within the Garden Grove High School Boundaries:
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Pre-Enrollment Information for the NEXT SCHOOL YEAR: 21-22

  1. Are you new/returning to the GGUSD district (Coming from Private School, Recently Moved to Garden Grove?)

If yes, at this time, we are collecting your mailing information.  We will send out registration information in late May.  We will begin processing enrollments for the 21-22 school year beginning late June 2021 through the new year. 


Please fill out the form below:

Pre-enrollment Mailing List Form

NOTE:  This Pre-enrollment Mailing List is ONLY for incoming 9th - 12th grade students that are NEW to the district.

  1. Already live in Garden Grove?
    • Did you recently move within our boundaries? 
    • Are you currently attending a GGUSD high school but plan on attending Garden Grove High School next year?
If you are a current GGUSD student you need to do the following:  
  1. If you plan on attending GGHS during the 21/22 yr, you will need to notify your current GGUSD high school and submit proof of address to them.

**Your current high school will update your address and notify us of the change of address and we will transfer your electronic records over to our school once the address is updated.  Please notify your current GGUSD High School of your move as soon as you have the required proof of the new address.