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The Garden Grove High School Bookstore is located next to the library towards the front of the school.  Here some of the things you can do here:
• Check out the textbooks you need for class. NOTE: You are required to have your I.D. card to check out books. 
• Buy a replacement ID card ($7) or upgrade it to SuperArgo ($50)
• Clear fines--athletic, cheer, textbook, other.  Get details about them and pay for them here.
• Purchase tickets for dances and other school activities.
Lost and Found is also here.  Another NOTE: Lost and found items unclaimed by holiday breaks--winter, spring, end of school--will be donated to charity.


Did you lose a textbook?  There are no fines for lost textbooks.  You are responsible for replacing any textbook you no longer have.  There are various websites you can buy new and used books from, see information below on how to search and replace a lost textbook:


1.  You will need the ISBN# for each textbook that needs to be replaced.  You can fill out the google form below to request the ISBN# from the Bookstore:


     Request List of Checked Out Books and ISBN# from Bookstore Here:


2.  From your browser, type in the ISBN#

    1. Various websites will come up that have that textbook available.   *Some possible websites that sell new and used textbooks include:,,,,
    2. BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, open the page to see the picture of the textbook.  The textbook must be NEW or USED in EXCELLENT or VERY GOOD condition

3.  When you receive the replacement textbook, you will take it to the bookstore ALONG WITH all the pages of the receipt from your order

    1. Write your name and student number on the printed receipt.

4.  The bookstore will review the textbook and clear your account if the replacement item matches what was lost.


Any questions regarding the replacement of a textbook can be sent to Ms. Stacey Fulcher at

Bookstore hours:
8:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m


Contact Information
Ms. Fulcher
[email protected]