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Garden Grove High School Alumni Association
Preserving the legacy of the Garden Grove High School Argonauts
  Directory:   A way to collect contact information from alumni and stay in touch.  Make sure to register if you're new to this (click button in right-hand corner of that page)
Reunions:   A page of reunion listings and registration/RSVP info.
  Memoirs:   Share stories and memories from your time at GGHS.
  Memorial:   In memory of Argos who have passed on...
GGHSAA Contacts & 
Class Rep Directory
  Need to contact a GGHSAA committee member or class rep?  Check here.
Additional Info   Frequently Asked Questions
    Hosting:   Annual Alumni All Class Reunion and Picnic (3rd Saturday in September)
Maintaining:   Argonaut Hall of Fame and Museum (on GGHS campus)
Michael A. Monsoor Freedom Memorial (on GGHS campus)
  Awarding:   Scholarships to graduating GGHS students
    Strengthening bonds between GGHS and GGHS Alumni as well as helping alumni reconnect and rebuild relationships. Plus, how to get involved.
Scholarships:   Scholarship Committee coordinates awarding of various scholarships to graduating seniors.  Also involved in process of creating any new scholarships.
Fundraising:   Raising funds for the purchase of equipment and support for projects for the Association and GGHS
  School History:   Brief outline of GGHS history
Sports History:   Overviews of Football, Basketball and Aquatics, through several eras.  Plus lists of CIF champions.  
ArgoLog Student Newspapers:   Digitized copies of the ArgoLog Student Newspapers
Upcoming events: 
Homecoming Game
vs. Gahr HS
9/8/2023, 7:00 PM
Michael Monsoor Memorial Stadium
Reunion Fliers: