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Welcome to Garden Grove High School!  In our 100-year + history, there have been many outstanding events, moments, and achievements.  The Argonaut strength has always been the people of Garden Grove High School.  Students and staff attempt to live up to our school motto:  Pride, Performance and the Pursuit of Excellence.  You are becoming a part of this proud tradition and can continue the legacy by always doing your best in school, at home and in the community.
GGHS Safe School Confidential Reporting Hotline
Please do your part in keeping our campus safe by reporting any inappropriate activity, behavior or a concern you have any time throughout the school year by texting details to the STOPit app.  Click Here to make a report.  
School Web Site
The GGHS Web Page address is www.gghs.us. Accessing the web page can provide students and parents a variety of information regarding school activities, calendar dates and a link to faculty and staff e-mails. Parents and students may also access student grades and attendance at www.mykids.ggusd.us.
The Garden Grove Unified School District also has a web site at www.ggusd.us. Useful information about the district and links to other valuable educational links is available on this site.

School Wide Learner Outcome

Garden Grove High School SLO’s describe what a graduate should be able to do, know, understand, or value.  Our SLO’s are the embodiment of the school’s motto, “Pride, Performance, and the Pursuit of Excellence.”   To achieve this ideal, all ARGONAUTS will be:
Fully Literate Communicators Who
•    Read, appreciate and articulate opinions about a variety of materials across all academic areas and personal life.
•    Actively listen with insight and understanding.
•    Speak and write with purpose while using academic language.
Innovative Thinkers Who
•    Effectively collect, organize, analyze, and evaluate information from multiple sources and medias. 
•    Express themselves creatively through art, drama, and/or music.
•    Think critically to create original ideas and projects.
•    Problem solve and make decisions using high level thinking skills, logic and evidence.
Proficient Users of Technology Who
•    Use digital technology as an informational source and communicate through digital presentations and other media.
•    Demonstrate responsible digital citizenship with respect to safety, ownership rights, collaboration, publication, privacy, security, and digital footprints. 
Prepared For Life Beyond High School
•    Establish and plan how to achieve life-long learning goals and personal goals for academics, career, family and community life.
•    Identify personal strengths and apply skills from all disciplines in order to pursue their fullest potential and adapt to life’s challenges. 
•    Demonstrate skills in resolving conflicts through positive, non-violent choices as a part of a healthy lifestyle.
•    Demonstrate good study skills and work habits that include consistent attendance, punctuality, organization, reliability, self-discipline, and effective time management. 
Global Citizens Who
•    Understand America’s place in a global society and respect people with different belief systems, cultures, and abilities.
•    Promote a healthy, functioning, and constitutional democracy by participating in civic affairs in an informed, thoughtful, and effective manner.
•    Are an inspiration to others by exhibiting integrity, and socially responsible behavior while faced with ethical choices.
•    Practice environmental responsibility.
Garden Grove High School Mission Goal Statement
Each student finds the opportunity to form personal concepts of integrity, dignity, responsibility, and ethics in an atmosphere that stresses individual worth.
Each student seeks to reach maximum potential in the learning process, to develop competency in fundamental skills, to think creatively and critically, and to appreciate the significance of the continuous search for knowledge.
Each student seeks to adopt personal standards, to find directions in life, to become well rounded, and to understand and appreciate the responsibilities of citizenship in our democracy, rich with contributions from the many cultures that make up our society.
Plan for Academic Success
It is important that families and schools work together to help students achieve high academic standards.   Through a process that included teachers, families, students, and community representatives, the following are agreed upon roles and responsibilities that we as partners will carry out to support student success in school.
Garden Grove High School and the parents agree that this pact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help students achieve the State’s high standards.   The importance of ongoing communication between parents and teachers will take place through annual conferences, reports on student progress, access to staff and opportunities to volunteer and observe the educational program.
Student Pledge:  I, as a student, will take responsibility for learning and agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
1.    Be organized.  Bring all materials to class daily.  Keep daily assignments for each class, using your free student planner as an organizational tool.
2.    Study daily.  Have a regular time period devoted to homework and/or studying every day.  This should be in a quiet, well-lighted area free from distractions.
3.    Complete and turn-in ALL assignments and homework when it is due.
4.    Attend school regularly and arrive on time to all classes.  There is a direct connection between regular attendance and academic success.
5.    Ask my teachers for help during class, before, or after school when I do not understand a lesson or concept.
6.    Expected to be an active part of the learning process, be highly engaged, be supportive of others and follow all school rules.
Parent Pledge: I will, as a parent, support my child’s learning and agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
1.    Establish and closely monitor a daily homework/study period.  Have a regular time period devoted to homework and/or studying daily.  This should be in a
       quiet, well-lighted area free from distractions such as television and telephone/cell phone.
2.    Monitor homework progress.  Check your student’s planner to see that all work is completed daily.  Discuss and communicate with your student the
       importance of education emphasizing post-secondary education/college.
3.    Monitor your student’s grades.  You should receive a computer printed progress report or report card every five weeks throughout the school year.  Check
       Aeries Parent Portal for grades, attendance and assignments daily.
4.    Set academic goals with your student to ensure academic success. 
5.    Communicate with school personnel.  Call or meet with teachers, school counselors, or administrators about your student’s progress.
6.    Ensure that my student attends school every day and arrives on time.
7.    Support your student’s extracurricular activities by attending games and performances.
School Pledge:  GGHS will take responsibility for student learning and agree to carry out the following responsibilities:
1.    Provide appropriate, challenging curriculum and instruction that prepares students for life-long learning.
2.    Provide school counselors and support staff to assist students with academic and career guidance as well as support for individual concerns.
3.    Teacher’s providing extra assistance before school, lunch, or after school.
4.    Monitor each student’s academic achievement, A-G requirements and progress towards graduation.
5.    Provide a safe and orderly environment in which all students have the opportunity for academic success.
6.    Garden Grove High School will be accessible and a welcoming place for families, helping each student achieve the school’s highest academic standards.
Academic Honesty Policy
Honesty is highly valued by the faculty and staff at Garden Grove High School and by society, in general.  Cheating in any form --- copying, plagiarism, text messaging, record tampering, etc. --- is to be avoided because it undermines the learning process, jeopardizes the student/teacher relationship, and is unacceptable to classmates.
Academic honesty implies that students complete their own work (assignments and tests).  Promoting academic honesty is a shared responsibility between parents and faculty.  School personnel will work with parents in resolving any individual situations.
Using any unauthorized form of aid to complete an assignment is considered cheating.  This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Submitting for credit any work that is partially or completely some else’s work (i.e. plagiarism), such as copying papers, reference material, or test answers.
      • Giving / lending / preparing work to or for another student who will claim the work as his own.
      • Using any device to look / share / record answers without permission.
      • Communicating with another student during a test, including verbal, written, electronic, or visual assistance.
      • Exchanging (giving or receiving) information regarding the content of a test before all students have completed the exam.
On the first offense (any time in the student’s academic career at GGHS), a student will receive one or more of the following:
      • Receive an “F” on the test/assignment without possibility of make-up.
      • Be referred to the assigned administrator.
On the second or future offenses, a student will receive one or more of the following:
      • Complete a behavior contract.
      • May receive a lowered citizenship or work habits grade.
      • Receive an “F” on the test/assignment without possibility of make-up.
      • Parent contacted.
On the third offense a student may be dropped with an “F” (withdrawal/F) and/or may receive one or more of the consequences listed above.  Offenses are cumulative during the student’s academic career at GGHS.
The following offenses are serious enough to result in a suspension, parent conference, or any of the above consequences.  A withdrawal/F grade will also be considered even on the first occurrence:
      • Stealing or illegally obtaining an exam.
      • Using a teacher’s edition to complete student work or tests without permission.
      • Using any device to view / look up answers without permission.
      • Accessing a teacher’s grade book and/or changing a student grade (their own or another student’s).
Discipline Policy
Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times while at school.  This discipline code is established to provide students and parents information on behavioral expectations and the potential consequences of violating this code.
Discipline will be handled in a progressive and confidential manner.  Inquiries concerning discipline should be directed to the assistant principal assigned to the student alphabetically based on the last name or by program.
Concerns or questions about how a situation was handled in the classroom should be discussed first with the classroom teacher by leaving a message with the main office at 663-6115 or email your administrator.
Administrators and School Counselors are available to assist students and parents with problems that might arise while at school.  Students are encouraged to seek out one of these individuals if they have concerns for their safety while at school.

GGHS Dress Code
Garden Grove High School is a place of learning where time and effort are invested to support students in achieving academic and personal skills along with life -long success. A person’s manner of dress influences their degree of success.  The Garden Grove High School Dress Code, given below, establishes the minimum standard for student dress.  We hope all parents and students will want to exceed the indicated minimums.  Parents can help their student by monitoring school attire and encouraging them to “dress for success.”
In order to maintain the proper student attitude and educational spirit, students must show proper attention to personal cleanliness, health, safety, neatness of appearance, and suitability of clothing for school activities. This code applies to the entire school day.  Clothing may not be inappropriately revealing.  Students must dress in a presentable manner that is not distracting or disruptive to the school environment.
1.    Apparel, hats and accessories shall not contain any obscene or offensive logos, graphics, or hand-written wording depicting weapons, drugs, illicit
       substances, alcoholic beverages, sexually suggestive topics, deemed gang related or drug/alcohol/tobacco related clothing brands. 
2.    Students may not wear bandanas. 
3.    Shirts and blouses must completely cover the torso.  All clothing must cover undergarments and all private areas of the body.
4.    Students must wear shoes/footwear at all times.  Students are not permitted to be barefoot while at school or during a school activity.
Argo Dress Code
Consequences for violation of the dress code in each school year will be as follows:
1st Offense:   Warning / Change into GGHS Spirit Wear / Item Confiscated/Student Pick Up
2nd Offense:   Change into GGHS Spirit Wear / Item Confiscated / Call Home / Parent Pick Up
3rd Offense:   Change into GGHS Spirit Wear /Item Confiscated/Call Home/Detention Hrs/Saturday School
4th Offense:   Change into GGHS Spirit Wear / Item Confiscated / Call Home / Suspension

Electronic Devices
Garden Grove High School is not responsible for any item that is stolen or confiscated.  Administration will not investigate loss or theft of any electronic devices.  Electronic devices may be in use before school, at snack break, at lunch, and after school ONLY.  Devices in use or visible at any other time will be confiscated.
Teachers have the autonomy to confiscate phones and return to the student at their discretion in alignment with their classroom norms. However, if the cell phone is sent to the office, the following steps will take place: 
        • 1st Offense: Sent to the office:  Parent will be contacted and required to pick up the item.
        • 2nd Offense: Sent to the office: Parent contacted, 30 minute after school or lunch detention assigned and parent required to pick up the item after the detention is served.
        • 3rd Offense: Sent to the office: Parent contacted, Saturday School assigned and parent required to pick up the item after Saturday School is served.
Continual violations may result in further disciplinary actions, which could include suspension.
Internet Access
There are many unique information resources on the Internet that enhance classroom study and extent learning beyond traditional instructional tools.  Due to the extensive reach of electronic communications, some sources are deemed inappropriate for school usage.  If a student is observed viewing, reading, or utilizing Internet materials that is inappropriate or inconsistent with district curriculum, disciplinary action will be taken which may include revocation of Internet access privileges.
Student Identification Cards
Students will be issued a pictured ID card during August registration. There is no charge for the first ID.  The ID card must be returned if the student leaves the school. Lost IDs must be replaced at a cost of $7.00. Students must carry their ID at all times for:
1.    Checking out textbooks and materials from the library/bookstore.
2.    Entrance to school activities (dances, sporting events, etc.)
3.    Identification upon request by school personnel.
4.    Computer and Internet access.
5.    Attendance/Counseling Office/Bookstore Office procedures
Students should carry their school identification card (I.D.) with them at all times.
It must be presented when requested by a staff member.
Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis and available to students as a convenience.  The school must have a master key to all locks.  All hall lockers must use a lock from Garden Grove High School.  The lock must be purchased at the GGHS Bookstore and may be used for all four years at GGHS. 
The school can assume no responsibility for security of lockers in the hallways or in the P.E. locker rooms.  Items of value should never be stored in lockers.  Textbooks, lost, stolen, or damaged are the responsibility of the student.  The students and their parents or guardians assume all risks and bear the financial responsibility for any loss or damage to the contents of a locker. 
Any locks placed on incorrect or unassigned lockers will be removed. The student will be responsible for obtaining a school lock.  
A locker may be searched by school personnel with or without the consent of the person(s) assigned to it, at any time, if there is a reasonable suspicion that it contains items that are prohibited on school grounds or is being used for inappropriate purposes.  
Bicycles, skateboards, and scooters must be walked on school grounds and all sidewalks surrounding the campus.  The school does not accept responsibility for damage to or the loss of a bicycle, skateboard or scooter.  Students may not carry their skateboards around campus during school hours. There is a designated bicycle/scooter parking area and skateboard racks available on campus.  Bicycles are not allowed to be parked in any other location on campus.  Students should secure their bikes and skateboards with a strong chain and lock.
Student use of a vehicle on campus is contingent upon safe and courteous operation and abiding by campus parking regulations.  Violators may be ticketed, may have their vehicle towed away at their expense, and may have their opportunity to bring a vehicle on campus revoked.  All vehicles/motorcycles must be parked in the student parking lot.  The student parking lot is to be used by permit only.  Parking permit applications are available in the Attendance Office. Vehicles/motorcycles parked on school grounds without proper permits or parked in unauthorized areas may be ticketed and/or towed away at the owner’s expense. Vehicles/motorcycles are parked at the owner’s risk.  Garden Grove High School assumes no responsibility for vehicles that are broken into, damaged, or stolen.
Work Permits
Students who are under 18 and are seeking employment must obtain a Work Permit in the Counseling Office.   The student must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average to be granted a Work Permit.  
Flowers, Balloons, Birthday Celebrations and Deliveries
Deliveries of flowers, candy, singing telegrams, balloons, gifts, etc., are  not allowed.  GGHS will not accept deliveries of student lunches.  Students should plan ahead to avoid drop offs.   Only school related items, such as homework, textbooks, and PE clothes are accepted.  These items should be dropped off in the Attendance Office, though this practice is strongly discouraged.  Please note that these deliveries are only made in emergency situations, not on a repeat basis.  
GGHS may not allow students to carry NON-ESSENTIAL items that are unrelated to instruction and school activities (flowers, balloons, birthday cakes). Balloons, flowers, and birthday cakes will be held in the office until the end of the school day.  These items may present a health risk to students with serious food allergies.   These items are an interruption to classroom instruction and will be confiscated until the end of the school day.  

Argonauts Sports
GGHS Athletics has a proud tradition of excellence.  Coaches emphasize the importance of academic success, teamwork, sportsmanship, personal development, responsibility to oneself and the team, follow through on commitment, physical fitness and the skills and strategies of each sport.  All students are encouraged to participate.
Fall Season (August-November):  Cross Country, Football, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, Boys Water Polo
Winter Season (November-February):  Basketball, Soccer, Girls Water Polo, Wrestling
Spring Season (February-May):  Baseball, Boys Tennis, Boys Volleyball, Softball, Swimming, Track
Athletic Clearance Procedures
Student-athletes must have earned a 2.0 GPA in the most recent grading period to be academically eligible and meet CIF age and residency requirements.  An athletic clearance package must be completed online at homecampus.com.
  1. All student-athletes are strongly encouraged to purchase a Super Argo Card.
  2. A current physical exam form must be on file. Physical exam reports are only valid for one calendar year. Physical form is available for download at www.ggus.us under the ATHLETICS tab.
Clearance packets are available online at www.homecampus.com

Attendance Procedures
School attendance is an important part of learning.  The average attendance rate at GGHS is 95%.  This means that students are absent on average no more than nine days per year.
      • If it is necessary for a student to be absent, the parent should call the attendance office the first day of absence.
      • If the parent is unable to call the office the day of the absence, the student should bring a note from the parent upon the students return to school which include the student’s name, ID number, date(s) of absence and the reason (e.g., dental, doctor appointment, etc.) for the absence.
      • Students who fail to verify their absence will be marked truant and assigned to Saturday School.
      • Students also have 3 days to clear a marked truancy.  
The following attendance definitions, established in the California Education Code, will be in effect for the coming year:
Excused Absence (E)
      • Personal illness
      • Official quarantine by a county or city health officer
      • Appointments to receive medical, dental, optometry, or quarantine services
      • Attendance at the funeral of a member of the student’s immediate family
Permissive Absence (P)
      • An absence excused by the parent for personal reasons.  The school must be notified by the parent/ guardian prior to the absence.  Examples include court appearance, and observance of religious holidays.
Unexcused Absence (U)
      • An unexcused absence is an absence which occurs with parent knowledge but without prior notification to the school.  Examples include babysitting, helping at home, oversleeping, transportation problems, and on vacation without prior school clearance.
Truancy Absence (T)
      • A truancy is an absence which occurs without the knowledge and consent of the school/parent.  Students shall not receive credit for assignments and tests missed while truant.  Detention(s)/Saturday School/On-campus suspension will be assigned for all truancies.  Excessive excused absences, 3 or more truancies and/or tardies may result in initiating the Student Attendance Review Board process.
All appointments should be scheduled before or after school when possible.  Please notify the school at least 30 minutes in advance if a student needs to leave school before dismissal.  
Attendance Policy Chart
Tardy Policy
Punctuality is an important part of being a Responsible Citizen.  Students are expected to be in every class on time with all of their class materials and ready to learn.  Students who are tardy repeatedly will be assigned lunch detention and/or Saturday School.      
*See Discipline Policy. 
Tardy Policy
Leaving Campus  (OFF-CAMPUS PASS)
Students who need to leave campus before the end of their school day for any reason must check out through the Attendance office.  Students must have an office issued pass in their possession any time they wish to leave campus, including lunchtime.  Students without a 1st, 5th or 6th period class MUST obtain a sticker for their IDs indicating “No Class P.1, etc.” from the Counseling Office. 
Seniors with “Senior Privileges” must get an off-campus pass if they are not returning to school after lunch.  Parents may check out students by coming to the attendance office; however, classroom instruction will not be interrupted to pull a student out of class.  Please refer to Attendance Procedures (above).

Visitors/Closed Campus
Garden Grove is a closed campus.  Only students of the school and school/district employees doing school business are permitted on campus.  Others having business on the campus must check in with the receptionist in the Main office.  School age visitors, toddlers, or infants are not permitted on campus unless they are accompanied by a parent who has checked in with the Main office receptionist.  All visitors must be cleared to enter by administration. Parents are welcome to observe classes. This may be arranged by contacting an administrator in advance of the visit.  Please allow at least a 24 hour notice.
Student Government
All students are members of the GGHS Associated Student Body.  There are two branches of student government.  The executive branch consists of the three elected offices (President, Vice President and Secretary), class officers, and the appointed commissions.   ASB Officers, Class Presidents and Cabinet Commissioners are required to enroll in the fourth period Leadership class to plan, coordinate and execute the activities program.  The second branch is the Student Congress which meets on a monthly basis.  All students are represented by their elected Homeroom Representatives.
Clubs and Organizations
There are over 60 clubs for students to explore!  Clubs fall into the categories of academic, recreation, service and special interest.  The Leadership Class hosts a club rush day at the beginning of school during lunch along Golden Fleece.  Students can meet with club members and learn more about each group.
Student Activities
The activities program at GGHS is multi-faceted. It includes support for clubs, athletic and academic programs through assemblies, publicity, planning and arranging dances, and providing students with opportunities for community service. Listen to the daily announcements or refer to the school web page for details of school activities. Follow us on Instagram @gghsargonauts.
Super Argo Card
A Super Argo card is your passport to the world of student activities.  It provides discount admission prices for dances and games, and allows the school to offer a wide range of programs including athletics, band, cheer and more. It will more than pay for itself in discounts. The sale of Super Argo Cards is the main school-wide fundraiser for the year.
Dance Policy
Garden Grove High School sponsors several dances during the school year including Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins and Prom.  School photo ID cards are required to enter all dances.  Students who owe the school money, have outstanding Saturday Schools or detentions, or are discipline problems may be prohibited from attending a dance.  In some cases, guest passes for non-Garden Grove students may be granted with prior administrative approval.  No guests over the age of 20 will be permitted to attend a Garden Grove High School dance.  All school rules will be enforced at all school dances.  Appropriate dress and behavior is expected at all school dances – students who are dressed inappropriately or engage in unacceptable behavior will be sent home immediately and may be subject to disciplinary consequences from administration.
Requirements to attend Dances:
Students must be in good standing to attend dances.  This means that all fines must be paid, all detentions and/or Saturday Schools served, and privileges have not been revoked for disciplinary reasons.
On Campus Dances:
  • These are held on campus and require that students show their current, valid student ID.
  • Guests must be approved by administrator. 
Off Campus Dances:
  • Guests that are under 21 years may attend with PRIOR assistant principal approval.
  • Students wishing to bring guests who are 21 must make an appointment to see the Principal along with their parents and guest in order to have their guest approved.
  • Guests 22 or older are never permitted to attend GGHS dances.  
Dress for Dances:
  • The school dress code is still in effect for dances.  
Dance Rules:
•    Students must check personal belongings like purses and backpacks at the door.
•    Students may leave the dance at any time, but may not return once they have left.
•    No Freak dancing or Circle/Acrobatic Dancing.
•    Students dancing inappropriately will be asked to leave the dance and must leave the campus/event within 15 minutes.
•    Students asked to leave a dance will not be allowed to attend the next dance.
•    Students are expected to follow all school rules while at dances.

Transportation after Dances
  • Students must be picked up from the dance within 15 minutes of the scheduled conclusion of the dance.  School supervision is only provided for 15 minutes following the scheduled conclusion of the dance.  Students still remaining after that time will not be allowed to attend the next dance.
  • Students need to arrange pick up before the beginning of a dance.  Dances never go beyond the published, scheduled end time.
Academic Support
School Counselor: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm daily. A counselor is here to help you with your academic, career, social, and personal issues. Rely on them as your advisor, advocate, and supporter.

Library Media Center (LMC):  Open 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., (Mon. – Thurs.) and 7:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., (Fri.). The LMC lab has Internet connected PC computers loaded with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Firefox, Internet Explorer & Google Chrome (3 Internet browsers). Students may also access Google Classroom in the LMC.

Parent/Student Portal: Parents and students may also access student grades and attendance at:  www.mykids.ggusd.us.

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO): Extended Learning provides academic and wellness programs for students. Drop-in tutoring and general academic support is available every day before and after school. There are also a number of course specific ELOs offered throughout the year, which can allow students to review and recover learning opportunities to help improve their class grades. Additionally, we offer organization, time management, scholarly habits, and college & career readiness programs throughout the year to support students’ success. These programs often update with the needs of our students. Stay up-to-date by using the “ELO Support Information” link under the “Support” tab on the www.GGHS.us homepage.
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
Students are expected to follow the GGHS code of conduct based on school-wide behavior expectations, which are: be an advocate, be respectful, be goal-oriented, take ownership of your actions, and possess self-worth (ARGOS). Students who exemplify one or more of these characteristics on campus can be rewarded with our ARGOS CASH by faculty and staff members to acknowledge their behavior.
Grade Point Average (GPA) - The procedure used to determine your GPA is:
1.  Add total grade points using the following scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.
2.  Divide the total number of points by the number of grades you used to compute the grade point average.
Report Cards
Report cards are prepared four times each year. The semester grades become a part of your permanent record and are the ones used to determine successful completion of graduation credits. Quarter and semester grades are used to determine academic eligibility for sports and activities. Approximately five weeks before the end of the quarter or semester, progress reports will be mailed to inform your parents of difficulties you may be having in any class. Parents/Students can access student grades at any time via the Parent Portal at www.mykids.ggusd.us which gives current grade and assignment details from teachers’ grade books and live attendance information.

Academic Recognition
Varsity Letter in Academics:  GGHS students are able to earn a varsity letter for academics.  Students who earn a 3.5 GPA for three or more semesters at Grove are entitled to wear their Garden Grove High letter jacket displaying their varsity letter.

Honor Roll:  A student who earns a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher receives recognition on the Honor Roll.

State Testing
The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) for Math, English and Science are given to 11th graders each spring. These exams assess student’s knowledge of California State Content Standards.  The California Dashboard provides information about Grove’s performance.  This includes a combination of state and local indicators (e.g., graduation rate, state testing results, college and career readiness, etc.).
Graduation Requirements
A student has four years to complete all of the requirements to earn a Garden Grove High School diploma.  Every class, each semester, offers five graduation credits for a passing grade.  Listed here are the MINIMUM credit requirements in each area.
English    4 years with at least 40 Credits U.S. History 10 Credits 
Mathematics       30 Credits   Civics   5 Credits
Life Science  10 Credits  Economics 5 Credits
Physical Science  
10 Credits  Health 5 Credits
Physical Ed.  20 Credits Fine or Applied Arts   10 Credits
World History 10 Credits  Elective 65 Credits
All students must pass both semesters of Algebra 1P or two semesters of Algebra 1A SE & two semesters of Algebra 1B SE.              
Pathway to Graduation and A-G College Requirements
History/Social Science: 30 Credits
"A" 2 years
•    World History    
•    U.S. History    
•    Civics/Economics    
English:    40 Credits  “B” 4 years
•    English 1P, HP, or ELD C    
•    English 2P or HP    
•    English 3P, HP, or AP    
•    English 4P or AP    
30 Credits  “C” 3 years
•    Algebra
•    Geometry
•    Advanced Algebra (Algebra 2)
20 Credits  “D” 2 years
•    Life Science (1 year-10 credits)
•    Biology 
•    Physical Science (1 year-10 credits)
•    *Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics    
•    *Physical Science is accepted only at Cal State schools    
Language other than English: None  “E” 2 years *
•    Spanish 1 and 2     
•    Heritage Spanish 1 (counts for 2 years of a World Language)
•    Vietnamese 1 and 2
*(must be 2 years of the same language)
Fine Arts/Applied Arts*:  
10 Credits   “F” 1 year
•    Art
•    Business
•    Dance Choreography (not PE Dance)
•    Drama    
•    Home Economics    
•    Music    
•    CT    
65 Credits 
 “G” 1 year
•    Advanced Level Studies from any of the above areas
•    AP Capstone (Seminar, Research)
Physical Education:  20 Credits
Health 5 Credits 
220 Credits
15 Courses
Minimum GPA for Cal State must be 2.5
Minimum GPA for UC must be 3.0
District Non-Discrimination Statement:

Garden Grove Unified School District, in compliance with Federal Title IX regulations, maintains an operating policy of non-discrimination in all of its educational programs and activities on the basis of actual or perceived sex, race, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, color, religion, age, martial status, sexual orientation, gender, mental or physical disability, or on the basis of a personal association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Uniform Complaint Procedures are available on www.ggusd.us.

Contact Information:
Questions or complaints of alleged discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, and equity should be directed to the Executive Director of K-12 Educational Services at (714) 663-6143. Title IX equity and compliance concerns should be directed to the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services at (714) 663-6464.  Complaints may be mailed to 10331 Stanford Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92840.