New A-G Guidance Counselor


Additional Counselor


Good afternoon Argos community,


I am very excited to inform you that we have added a 6th counselor to our GGHS guidance staff, Ms. Daisy Macedo!


High school counselors oversee numerous aspects of students’ academic progress including ensuring students are enrolled in A-G classes, meeting graduation requirements, and taking advantage of applicable academic interventions and supports. Counselors individually support a range of students based on the students’ last name. Adding Ms. Macedo to our counseling staff will help to lower the number of students each counselor works with which in turn brings more individualized attention for each student/family. Related to that, the lower numbers will now give us a chance to conduct more comprehensive transcript audits, analyze areas needed for interventions, increase D-Validation opportunities, develop more effective credit recovery programs, etc. This is a huge benefit for our school as well as all 7 GGUSD high schools that are adding a 6th counselor.


The only drawback is that we need to restructure the alphabet breakdown to add Ms. Macedo into the lineup. This will bring a change of counselor to some students but we did it in a way which kept all 6 counselors with even caseloads and limited changes as much as possible. Below is the new student/counselor alphabet:


A - Da

Kristen Steinle

[email protected]

Db - Ho

Liliana Luna

[email protected]

Hp - Mi

Jessica Villegas

[email protected]

Mj - O

Joy Pham

[email protected]

P - Sh

Daisy Macedo

[email protected]

Si - Z

Juanita Landeros

[email protected]


Please take a moment to see which counselor your son/daughter will be working with and if there has been a change, please feel free to contact your counselor with any questions.



Todd Nirk
Garden Grove High School



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