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Clubs and Activities

2021-21 School Year
Interested in joining a club? Starting a club?
  • ASB is holding the first ICC Meeting where students can come for information on how to renew or start a new club August 26 during lunch in the LIBRARY.
  • Club Rush:  Thursday 9/2 and Friday 9/3 at Lunch on Golden Fleece (center of campus).  What is this?  A time for clubs to promote their club and recruit new and old members.
Clubs and Activities, 2018-19    
Academic Decathlon Nghiem Pham Mr Doan 212
Acoustics Club Dylan Pham Mr Sandoval 412
Acs Britney Tran Mr Girard 615
Alpha LEO Tam Nguyen Ms Cao P4
Ambassadors’ Club Vivian Tran Mr Griffin 113
American Red Cross  Trevor Nguyen Mr Haeger 523
American Sign Language Club Amy Tran Mr. Winchell  411
Animalovers Club Caitlin Cai Ms Ito 335
AP Capstone Quinn Bell Ms Alba 313
AVID Club Elizabeth Anastacio Ms Stoner 213
Band Council Celine Nguyen Mr Winchell 411
Big Brother Big Sister Elizabeth Anastacio Ms Trinidad P15
Black Student Union (BSU) Brianna Shaffer Ms Laura 311
Boys League Gene Nguyen Mr Cox 511
Bridges Ashley Carlos Ms Alba 313
BTS CONNECT CLUB Jennifer Truong Mr Henniger 323
California Scholarship Federation Megan Vien Ms Jue 624
Class of 2019 Vincent Viratham Ms A Dinh 222
Class of 2020 Matthew Nguyen Mr. Morris P25 
Class of 2021 Nala Son Mr Ross 334
Class of 2022 Nga Thuy Tran Mr Bui P5
CRU Eric Le Ms Kalayjian 512
Environmental Club Kristine Tran Mr Henninger 323
FIDM Fashion Club Emerald Flores Ms Smith 216
Filipino Club Raymond Sabino Mr Lunow P22
Film Club  Nicole Nguyen Ms Smith 216
ForWord Book Club Ryan M Ms Laura 311
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Jordan Knoch Mr Wallace 727
GGHS AMNESTY Manh Dao Mr Lunow P22
Girls' League Tiffany Chau Ms Hathaway 221
Helping Hands Aaron Dinh Ms Jue 624
Interact Khoi Nguyen Ms Parent 343
Japanese CLub Tiffany Nguyen Ms Lazarony, 522
Jazzband  Christopher Sterling Mr Winchell 411
Key Club Natalie Luu Mr Wolf P1
KIWIN'S Juliana Daravong Ms A Dinh 222
Korean Culture Club Anh Hoang Ms Whiston P18
Latinos Unidos  Gizelly Rodriguez Ms Camero 223
Make-A-Wish Caitlin Cai Ms Jue, 624
MECHA  Karina Chavez Maestra Durán P11
Medic Hulbert Dang Ms Desai 623
MESA Lisa Pham Mr Henninger 323
Mock Trial Fernanda de la Cruz Ms Lazarony 522
More Than Running Wendy Mejia Ms Arteaga P16
NAMI Alan Lam Ms Bartolotti P23
National Honor Society  Lisa Pham Ms Jue 624
Orchestra Council John Nguyen Mr Winchell 411
PAWS Michelle Tran Mr Yoshida P3
Rise Up  Carissa Odasso Ms Ito 335
STEMchats Khanh-An Mr Bui P5
UNICEF Lisa Pham Mr Cox 215
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Sandra Ninh Ms Cao P4