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Celebrating 100 Years!

Located in Garden Grove, California,  GGHS has been a member of the Garden Grove Unified School District since its establishment in 1921. The school opened its doors on September 1921 in temporary facilities before moving to its present location on Stanford Avenue in 1923. Its athletic teams were originally known as the "Chili Peppers" - a reflection of the dominant local crop of the time - but soon rallied beneath the more dignified banner of the Argonauts.
The Argonaut Strength has always been the people of Garden Grove High School as students and staff strive for excellence in school, at home, and in the community. Every generation continues this proud tradition, building on the legacy and adding to its rich history, now a 100 years in the making. Garden Grove High School's past is born of a spirit unique to its Argos - a spirit of pride, performance, and the pursuit of excellence.
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