Tom Gorcoff » Syllabus


Mr. Gorcoff



Behavioral Expectations-

In a word, Respect. We all respect one another in class.

Be on time, give all that you have, and don’t be difficult to be around.

Write legibly, speak clearly, communicate in such a way as to be understood.


Bring your charged chromebook to all classes.


When you return from being absent check with Mr. Gorcoff or Miss Monte about what you missed. Many assignments will also be in Google Classroom.

Phones, ear buds, restroom and food/drink-

Phones are to be turned off and not used unless permission for a task is permitted. Ear buds are not allowed unless otherwise stated. No food is allowed and only water to drink. Hydration is our friend.

Restroom- visits are for seven minutes or less; sign out and back in using the 5 Star system/chromebook.


There should be sufficient time in class to do all assigned work. An exception in the Weekly Writing Assignment (WWA) for Edge classes.

Extra Credit-

Available on occasion when the majority of your assignments have been completed and turned in.

Late Work-

Late work is accepted up until the last day of the 1st & 3rd Quarters and one full week before the end of each semester. 

Cheating is unacceptable. Ask for help when you are confused or otherwise have a problem that needs addressed.

“Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.”