Pat Morris » Summer Assignment 2018

Summer Assignment 2018

Hi Everyone,


My name is Mr. Morris and I will be teaching AP Art History this year. I hope you all have an enjoyable summer and I look forward to meeting all of you this coming fall year.


The Summer Assignment:


  1. Purchase the Barron's AP Art History, 4th Edition. You must get the 4th Edition!!! Do not get a copy from a former student because it is the 3rd Edition. There is a link for You can get it from a local large bookseller, but it will likely be much more expensive. (10 extra credit Test Points)


  1. Purchase 250 / 5 X 8 cue cards. Download the cue card format image. The cue cards need to be formatted with a picture on the front of the cue card. You need to place the name of the image on the backside where it is located on the sample cue card. You do NOT need to include the rest of the information, we will do that throughout the year. Below is a link for the 250 required images. The images are from pages 27 to 180 of the pdf. (30 extra credit Test Points)


  1. Students are to bring the Barron's AP Art History, 4th Edition to the first day of class. You will also bring your incomplete cue cards formatted in the manner requested.