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Garden Grove High School Alumni Association
Preserving the legacy of the Garden Grove High School Argonauts
The Argonaut Hall of Fame and Museum, originally conceived by Principal John Reed in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration of the school, was officially opened in Heritage Hall on the campus of Garden Grove High School on September 17, 1971. The event was attended by school alumni, students, faculty, and dignitaries from the Garden Grove Unified School District and the City of Garden Grove.The Museum included floor-mounted display cases of Argonaut memorabilia donated by the school and alumni.  Unfortunately, after a few years, the Museum fell subject to vandalism and into neglect.
To rectify the situation, the Garden Grove High School Alumni Association was officially formed on July 18, 1996 for the purpose of rededicating the Argonaut Hall of Fame and Museum as well as to celebrate the school's 75th Anniversary.
A group of about twenty teachers under the direction of teacher Ron Adams and counselor Regis Urinsco volunteered their time to help the Alumni Association dismantle the old museum and create in its place an all new and significantly enlarged display area of nine built-in glass cases as it exists today.
The nine lighted display cases are each dedicated to a decade of the school's history, beginning with the 1920's and extending into the 21st century.  Memorabilia that are displayed in the Museum include sports uniforms, letterman sweaters and jackets, cheer squad uniforms, pictures of championship teams and notable alumni, team plaques, newspaper articles, trophies, Emmys won and donated by alumni, books written by or about alumni, and CIF Championship plaques.  Additional items such as band uniforms, yearbooks, and copies of ArgoLog newspapers are displayed at the Alumni Association's Annual All Class Reunion and Picnic held on the second Saturday in June.
As described in detail elsewhere on this webpage, the Michael A. Monsoor Freedom Memorial was added to the Museum in 2008, dedicated to 24 Argonauts who had given their lives while in military service during time of war.
The Alumni Association has the responsibility of maintaining the Museum, including its display cases, memorabilia, and copies of past Argonaut yearbooks and ArgoLog newspapers.  An Alumni Association Office in provided by the school in Heritage Hall for storage of these items.  That office served as the original Principal's Office for the school from the time the :Main Building" was constructed until the current school administration building was built in the 1950's. The Museum is considered by many as the finest high school museum in Orange County.
Unfortunately, the structural characteristics of Heritage Hall prevent additional built-in cases to be added to the Museum and expansion to accommodate future years is presently limited.
The Alumni Association accepts all kinds of donations of Argonaut memorabilia for the Museum.  Donations may be made to the Alumni Association c/o Garden Grove High School.  The Association also has copies of past yearbooks for sale.  To do so, please contact the Association at its Facebook page. 
In 2007, construction of a memorial to honor all Garden Grove High School graduates who had given their lives during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War was begun under the leadership of faculty member Ron Adams. The Memorial was inspired by faculty member Ken Frank after the death in Iraq of 1999 graduate and Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor, USN. In 2008, the Michael A. Monsoor Freedom Memorial was dedicated at a ceremony at Jason Field on campus. It lists the name of all 24 Argonauts who have made the ultimate sacrifice while in military service during time of war. The Memorial is mounted in the Argonaut Hall of Fame and Museum in Heritage Hall along with pictures of all 24 memorialized on the plaque. The Memorial is flanked by flags of the United States and State of California which have flown over the respective Capitol Buildings of those governmental bodies.
The names of the 24 Argonauts in the Memorial are:
• Arthur M. Berry, Class of 1939
• Florentino T. Gonzales, Class of 1940
• Carl E. Lehnhardt, Class of 1936
• John N. Ogawa, Class of 1935
• Muriel G. Owens, Class of 1940
• George E. Spillman, Class of 1945
• David D. Sprinkle, Class of 1941
• Robert M. Stronge, Class of 1938
• J. Donald Wakeham, Class of 1937
• Milton E. Ward, Class of 1941
• Harry E. Wells, Class of 1943
• Ramon Alba, Class of 1950
• Donaciano B. Almazan, Class of 1949
• William E. Moment, Class of 1941
• David D. Pecor, Class of 1949
• Loren Rylance, Class of 1948
• James P. Fitzsimmons, Class of 1965
• Ralph S. Fladger, Class of 1964
• Barry L. Hempel, Class of 1965
• Edward C. Hughes III, Class of 1966
• Edward L. Patterson, Class of 1968
• Thomas J. Puff, Class of 1969
• William S. Stringham, Class of 1969
• Michael A. Monsoor, Class of 1999
For his heroism in giving his life to save the lives of his fellow Navy Seals, Monsoor was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush. The Michael A. Monsoor Memorial Stadium on the Garden Grove High School campus was formally dedicated in his name at a ceremony on September 8, 2017.  The Stadium replaced the old Jason Field and bleachers built in the 1950’s. In further recognition of his heroism and sacrifice, the US Navy commissioned into service the USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001), a 16,000 ton displacement guided missile destroyer, on January 26, 2019 in a ceremony at Naval Air Station, San Diego.