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Data Confirmation

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Hello Argo Families. 


It's time to complete your student’s data confirmation for the 2023-2024 school year.  


PARENTS, you must log into your account using your e-mail to complete the process FOR EACH student attending Garden Grove High School.  It is an annual requirement that parents verify their student(s) contact information, review our school’s policies and procedures and finalize the Emergency Card


If you already have an account you can sign in below:

Incoming FRESHMAN Families:  You need to complete Data Confirmation for GARDEN GROVE HIGH SCHOOL for the 23/24 yr.  You may see more than one school profile.  To change the profile to GGHS follow the steps below:


    • Select the “Change Student” tab (located in the upper right hand corner of the main menu). 
    • Select your student’s name that shows Garden Grove High School (GGHS).

If you Forgot Your Password, do not create a new account.  Instead, select “Forgot Password” on the Aeries login page as shown in the photo.


An e-mail will be sent to you to reset your password. 

Forgot Password



If you need help with the process, please contact the school office at 714-663-6115.  We have Spanish and Vietnamese speaking staff available to help between 9a – 3p daily.



How to Complete the Annual Data Confirmation


A yellow banner displays on the Home page if you have not completed the Data Confirmation process. You can also access Data Confirmation from the Student Info tab dropdown.


Yellow Banner


After selecting the link to continue the process, you will see the tabbed form to complete all of the required sections. 

You must complete each section, OPEN and review each document to proceed to the next tab.  Once you reach the "Final Data Confirmation" tab you must select “FINISH & SUBMIT.”


Tabbed Items


Select each of the tabs and complete or update the required information in each section.  "Confirm and Continue" to move on to each section.


    • Contacts: Please list at least 2 contacts in case of emergency. 
    • Documents: Open and review all documents to continue. Print Locker Policy if needed**You must print and sign the EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT FORM TO TURN IN DURING REGISTRATION WEEK
    • Authorizations: Only mark “court order” or “restraining order” if you have court papers to provide to the school office.  Answer should be NO if you do not have documents to provide.
    • Final Data Confirmation: Click “Finish & Submit” to print Emergency Card.  You will be prompted to enter your Student’s ID number and Birth Date (ex: 01/01/2002), then click submit.