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Library General Information

Hours of Operation

Library Hours
M-F: 7:40 am - 3:00 pm
Hours will be extended in September.  Check back for updated hours.

Book Loan Periods

Book Loans 
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Books--3 weeks, unless otherwise noted
Renewals:  Yes for any books not on HOLD
How to renew:  Bring in your book OR your ID card (or know your ID number)

How many books can you check out?  As many as you need or can carry.

Computer Lab

  1. Library computers are for school related work only, which means that students who need to complete school work have 1st priority on the computers.
  2. Students must have a valid Internet contract on file in order to use the Internet.

Printing and Copies

  1. Black and white printing is FREE.
    • SHARE your DOC or file with and type in the MESSAGE any specific instructions needed such as Double-sided or Single-sided or "10 copies"

General Rules

General Rules
  1. Show respect to everyone in the library.
  2. Ask for help if you need it. 
Contact Information
Library Office (714) 663-6197  or  81490
Circulation Counter  -  81493