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Tech Help

Self-Help for Password Change or LOCKED out accounts:
You MUST register your using your GOOGLE account to use this SELF-HELP before you are locked out or prompted to change your password.
Helpful Guides attached at the bottom of this page.
NOTE:  Does NOT provide help for Aeries or any online textbook or other programs. 
NEW Password Guidelines (as of October 2023):
New password must be at least 10 characters minimum with a combination of letters (CAPITAL and lowercase), numbers (0123456789), and special characters (!@#$%^&*).
--->be a previously used password
--->include ANY of your name
SAMPLE passwords: 
He))0gghs2023    (13 characters, CAP, lowercase, number, symbols)
GGhsAR$OS23   (11 characters, CAPS, lowercase, numbers, symbol)
IF you change your password on your Chromebook and DON'T use , the NEW password might not work on a PC or Mac computer.  So, you might get a prompt to change your password next time you sign in on a PC or Mac computer.
HELPFUL Password Guides:
For Chromebook or other tech help, visit the TECH ROOM 722 during school hours.
Or, complete this Tech Help Request Form (must use school Google account).