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Technology » GGHS Technology Vision Statement

GGHS Technology Vision Statement

GGHS Technology Vision

GGHS is committed to producing students who are proficient in the safe use of technology for academic, professional, artistic, and personal endeavors. To that end GGHS believes that several things must continually be true:

  • Students must have frequent access to technology both as an instructional delivery tool utilized by the faculty and personal use to interact with and complete the curriculum
  • Technology, must on a continually basis, be updated and upgraded
  • Teachers must have a basic set of technology in their classrooms (ex. Computer, printer, a display device, and Document Camera)
  • GGHS should strive to provide digital classrooms (Classrooms with a class set of technology) when budgets allow.
  • The faculty continually evaluates software for educational use and receives support from the site.
  • Courses that develop greater use of technology in their curriculum.
  • GGHS develops and maintains measurable student outcomes in the area of academic technology use.