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English Syllabus

English Language Arts

Edge Level C


Ms. Vargas

Email: [email protected]

Room: 224

Course Description:

Edge is a comprehensive, researched based Reading/Language Arts intensive intervention program designed to accelerate reading and academic achievement for high school students. Common Core English Standards have been implemented into the Edge program. 

This class is a graduation requirement.


Each student will be graded based on Cluster and Unit assessments, benchmarks scores, formative (short) writing assignments, summative essays, classwork/notes, and journal writings.


Edge Level C (provided by the school). Student access is also provided through the textbook online.

Cluster Test/Summative Tests/Essays                     60%

Formative writing/Classwork/NotesJournals/Homework                              40%

Grading scale:

100-90     A

89-80      B

79-70      C

69-50      D

49-40      F


You are expected to attend class regularly and on time.

You are expected to communicate and participate in class (whole class discussion, small group, partners).

You are expected to be respectful and take responsibility for your actions. 

Class Rules and Guidelines

Be respectful: You are expected to treat your peers, as well as all adults, with respect. Use academic language; this means, no cursing, no name calling, and absolutely no bullying! We all have different backgrounds, tastes, and styles, and that makes us who we are; it makes us interesting. We are not here to judge each other; we are here to learn from each other. This also means taking care of the classroom and everything in it.


Be considerate: Please raise your hand if you have a question, comment, or concern. Do not talk over others, wait your turn. When someone is talking, you are listening and giving them your full attention just as you would like for them to do with you. Restroom- only one person at a time. When out for the restroom, please keep in mind that others might be waiting for you to return so that they may go. 


Be prepared: Come to class prepared with all the materials that will need to be successful.. The minimal suggested materials that you should bring to class each day are paper, a pen/pencil, your school issued chromebook, and textbooks. If you are absent you need to check in with a classmate or with me for any missing assignments.


Be warned: Phones should not be used during class time. Headphones should not be used during class/instruction time. If you have either of those items out during instruction, it will be confiscated, turned in to the office, and your parents will have to come pick it up. Chromebooks should only be used when instructed to. Attire- there is a school dress code, please follow it. If the dress code is not followed, you will have a visit with the assistant principal.